Sockets, Extensions, & Bit Holders

Sockets, Extensions, & Bit Holders

Deane Systems manufactures a wide variety of sockets, extensions, bit holders for various fastening and assembly placement applications. From specials to standards our sockets have proven themselves to be robust, efficient and cost effective.

Features Options

Wide range of materials from A-2, S-7, 11 L 17, H-13, 1018 and L-6 is used depending on the application or customer’s preference.

We profile machine the sockets on our cnc mills with a small radius in each corner which reduces cracking or breaks when the socket is under torque during the assembly process.

  • Spring loaded probe to spear and locate nuts onto studs Magnetic insert to capture head of screw or bolt
  • Thread on style
  • 1⁄4” 3/8” 1⁄2” 3⁄4” square drive or special drive adapter
  • Torx drive
  • Plain hex drive
  • Surface drive
  • Vacuum style
  • Bits holders to accommodate various sizes of Torx, Phillips, hex, Allen, etc. Extensions lengths are dependent on customer application.
  • All sockets holders and extensions heat treated
  • Nickel plating of components optional
  • Spring loaded extension assemblies for multiple spindle bolt rundowns.