Welcome to Deane Systems

Deane Systems LLC has been a supplier of designs and products for American and Canadian industries for forty years. We began as designers of operator assist tooling and assembly machines for automotive, appliance manufactures, small engine manufactures and others. Our first feed and drive system was and still is considered to be the industry standard used to feed and drive 5/16 X 2” screws to secure semi-trailer floors. We also provide components used on auto feed and drive systems for floor screw applications.

We invented the Step-Lift or Ladder type elevating feeder to address the industry need for a simpler and rugged multi track feed system. The development of the new Step-Lift feed system expanded our business and a need for additional standard items to compliment the new feed system. We introduced our H-Series receiver line that uses light weight extruded bodies and hardened steel replaceable feed path inserts and jaws. This approach reduces weight and replacement costs for this style of Driver/Receiver/Placing Unit.

We invite your questions regarding your feeding and driving / receiving applications and look forward to the opportunity to work with you.