Our pre-feeder design is based on our standard part feeder platform and are used to move parts to conveyors, tracks both gravity and vibratory inline. We utilize the same hardened steel elevator blades to convey the parts from the storage bin to the discharge point. Air cylinders ranging from 3⁄4” bore to 2” depending on the model are used to power the elevators up and down and only one air valve is needed to power the system.

​10 gauge 304stainless sheet metal is formed to wrap the elevators moving mechanisms. We can also provide if required a clear Lexan cover over the elevator blades for visual inspection while the unit is in motion. The base plate of the feeder is made from 6061 plate material and comes standard with adjustable leveling feet.

Orienting blades are used if parts have to discharge from the system in a particular orientation. A restrictor blade is used to limit the number of parts being conveyed to the discharge point to prevent them from flooding or jamming that area.

Hoppers are designed and formed from 10 gauge 304 stainless to meet customer part storage and feeding requirements.