Standard Track, Manifold, & Escapement Packages

We offer as an alternative or as an add on, our escapement packages for blow feeding parts, robotic pick and place, presenting to an operator, or for an operator to hand load fasteners. Our interchangeable components can be switched out to accommodate new or different  size fasteners. These escapements have proven themselves reliable & durable assemblies in many applications throughout the years. We have fed screws, bolts, nuts, pins, plastic push pins, rivets, bushings, clips, and washers among many others.

The escapements release and blow parts individually using a built-in double action air cylinder. Escapement bodies, covers, bearing blocks and manifold bases are made from 6061 aluminum and hard coat anodized. The part path and tracks are made from heat treated and electro-less nickel plated steel for durability. 

Escapements can be mounted alone or in packs, and feature quick and easy access for maintenance and replacement. Adjustable height stands allow mounting to there parts feeders and are available in machined steel or aluminum.  Tracks can be manually (hand-loaded) by an operator for auto escaping when the the application doesn't warrant a full feed system.

Track level sensing is achieved using OPU sensors. Our mounting brackets can be single mounted on a track or dual mounted on the same track for HI-LO part level sensing.